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Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Moving Company


Moving to a new location, especially for seniors is a mixture of feelings. It could be exciting in the sense that you would be in a new place with lots of things to discover and experience. It could be sad as well because you would be leaving a place full of memories. Nevertheless, you have to move for more important reasons. And to accomplish this, you need to hire the right moving company. To avoid any regrets, you need to know the following important things first in order for you to choose a good moving company in Los Angeles, California.

  • Providing estimates
    It’s important that you should know that any moving company can only give you a written estimate after they have finished visually inspecting the things that you want to move. All moving services in California adhere to this rule.
  • Illegal estimates
    Any estimates which are done verbally or those given through the Internet are considered illegal. They are not binding. Avoid any logistics company that does this.
  • Red flags
    Check for red flags to avoid being a victim of deceitful moving companies and ensure that your relocation goes smoothly. Common red flags include not giving you an in-home estimate, making you sign incomplete documents, and missing to file for registration with FMCSA.
  • Providing documents
    When you hire a moving company three days or more prior to the date you intend to move, the moving company is expected to give you a duplicate of their company’s moving services agreement. They must also provide the Important Notice About Your Move documentation.

Assisted Living Movers makes sure that we follow all the legal standards in providing excellent moving services most especially for seniors like you as you move to assisted living care organizations or to any other preferred destinations.

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