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Downsizing Your Home? Use These Tips


Most older adults will consider downsizing or moving to a smaller space as they age. Downsizing, for whatever reason, may be a stressful and time-consuming process — both emotionally and physically. However, knowing how to downsize properly helps minimize the process from becoming overwhelming. Here are some downsizing tips from Assisted Living Movers to make the process easier and to help you stay sane during what can be a difficult and bittersweet time.

  • Start Early
    Allow plenty of time for this process since it will surely take longer than you anticipate. Take your time, and don’t try to go through your entire home in a single day or weekend.

  • Only make Yes or No piles — no Maybes.
    Professional organizers refer to this as “processing.” For each room, set up and mark bins for items you want to keep, donate (or give to loved ones), and toss away. It’s tempting to make a “maybe” pile, but try not to!

  • Enlist Help
    Even if you hire moving services in California, there is a lot to consider while downsizing. You may require assistance with responsibilities such as contract review, fee negotiation, site visits, and storage facility screening.

  • Allow Some Time to Reminisce
    Some days, when cleaning, organizing, and packing, you’ll want to stop emptying rooms and just look at old drawings and once-prized belongings. It’s fine to pause and let nostalgia take over for a moment; just don’t allow it to keep you from finishing the work.

As a reliable moving company in Los Angeles, California, whether you are relocating or not, our team can assist you like how we have assisted hundreds of seniors just like you. To learn more about how we may assist you and our logistics, please contact us at 213-418-1800.

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