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Selling Your Home? Do These Cleanout Tips First!


Not sure how to get your house ready before selling it? There are numerous ways to transform your home and increase the chances of getting a solid offer from a potential buyer. Before your relocation, here are some things you can do to prepare your home and get it ready to sell.

  • Start with decluttering.
    Get rid of the excess junk, accessories, and overflowing closets. Organize your space, paint the walls, and add light bulbs to improve the lighting. Good impression matters, so do your best to captivate your potential buyer’s attention.
  • Consider deep cleaning.
    Check your home for foul smells, dirty floors, and dusty surfaces. Deep cleaning is more than just checking the communal areas. Clean the toilets, wipe the surfaces, mop the floors and replace the rugs. If you need help with this, a moving company in Los Angeles, California, can also assist with the cleanout to make your home spotless.
  • Call for assistance.
    You can call a handyman to do some light repairs at home. Keep a logistics of your appliances and furniture and check what needs to be fixed, repaired, stored, or junked. Show your potential buyers that your home is organized and well-taken care of. Ask for a professional’s help when necessary.

Are you looking for moving services in California to help you with the cleanout before selling or renting? You can rely on us here at Assisted Living Movers. Our ALM staff can help with day-of cleaning, as well as relatives and friends, or you can call a professional cleaning agency, but make sure to coordinate ahead of time. Want to learn more about our services? Contact us at 213-418-1800 today.

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