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Moving into Assisted Living? Keep Your Valuables Safe


For most seniors living alone, leaving their homes and moving into assisted living can be quite difficult. The idea of leaving the home you worked hard for is saddening, especially in old age. Instead of letting valuables and other family items go to waste in an empty home, we suggest handing them to us for safe keeping.

Assisted Living Movers, a moving company in Los Angeles, California, offers safekeeping services to guarantee the security and maintenance of our clients’ items. If there are items that have strong sentimental meaning but aren’t necessarily useful or needed where your senior loved one is moving, you might want to put them in our storage. This way, they are preserved for children or grandchildren but aren’t weighing down your or your loved one’s move.

Since most assisted living homes offer limited rooms for their residents, bringing a lot of personal belongings may put your elderly relative in a tight pickle. Room space depends on what type of care package is availed by the senior resident. Sometimes, two to four seniors will share a large room while others might enjoy a room all to themselves.

As a provider of logistics services, we see storage options as a great way to minimize hassle and challenges during the move. As your senior moves into the residential home, all they have to worry about is bringing essential items and other sentimental items that can be easily carried.

You can trust our moving services in California to safely and professionally move precious items and valuables into our storage facility without damage or losses.

To learn more about our moving services and storage, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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