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Storage Options Available

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Storing things inside boxes

If there are items that cannot fit into your new place or items that have strong sentimental meaning, Assisted Living Movers have the best option available for you! ALM has a storage warehouse that allows you to store with us while we are conducting your move. We can then bring the items to you or a loved one whenever you are ready. The convenience of storing with us allows us to pick up and drop off the items at just one phone call (Schedule 7-14 days in advance, based on availability). You might want to store goods that have high sentimental value but aren’t really functional or needed right now in our storage facility. They’ll be saved for children or grandchildren, but they won’t slow down your loved one’s move. You can choose storage with us at one of our many locations or somewhere else you chose near the old home or new home, depending on which makes more sense for your family.

If you are unsure of what will fit in the new home or are afraid that the furniture may be in the way, which makes being a fall risk more likely, ALM has some storage options. You’ll still need to make decisions regarding furniture and belongings. Determine what furniture you’ll be able to carry with you and where each piece will go in your new living space based on the floor layout and square footage of your new house. If the furniture does not fit ALM Furniture, we can provide you with storage options.