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Senior Care in Los Angeles, California

Donating used clothes

Assisted Living Movers is committed to serving the senior population. We would like to make downsizing easier. If you have unwanted items allow us to come to collect the items.

We work really closely with several nonprofit organizations that will give your items to low-income seniors. This will allow less fortunate seniors to live comfortably that are also in the process of moving.

We can provide a receipt that will help with your tax deductions. We recognize that not all seniors can afford luxury living. So we specialize in providing the resources to essentials for them including clothes, furniture, durable medical equipment, and
kitchenware. This will enable a great way for you to donate to a great cause and it will allow
seniors a chance to enhance their new residence. Turning their move into a true experience,
giving them an extravagant way of living with assistance from Assisted Living Movers!